KAŽ is an important settlement that exhibits all the beauties of the history, nature, arts and the blue sea... The historical tissue of Kaž is embroidered with the ruins of the Lycian civilization. The carved tombs on the mountains, monuments, and single and double box tombs are the still living ruins of this civilization. At the west takes place Xanthos-Letoon and Patara, the then Lycian capitals, very rich of the historical ruins. Xanthos-Letoon has been included in the list of the world cultural heritage from December 9, 1988. Not only being renowned with the natural beauties, but witnessing the rich history with the submerged city, Kekova is located at the east. The other Lycian places worth to see in Kekova includes Simena, Aperlai, Tirmisin, Apollonia and Theimussa. The Cumhuriyet square takes you to the long bazaar through the beauties of the old Greek houses decorated with the begonias, where you can take pleasant photos. You will see the royal tomb at the end of the street. There is an epitaph of 8 lines on the base of this memorial monument. The theater takes place on the rights side of the road extending to the Çukurbaš peninsula. Still being strong and in good condition, the theater faces the sea. It has been built up with the local limestone and other materials, and comprises of 26 steps. The theater with a capacity of 4000 people is now used to organize balls, concerts and drama activities. Kaž is one of the rare diving centers over the world. Kas has a very rich underwater world of numerous assets. The oldest sunken ship over the world was taken out in Uluburun, Kaž. This sunken ship dates back to the 14th Century B.C., and the items found are exhibited in the Bodrum Museum. Besides the diving activities, Kaž is also a famous paragliding center. It would be a very enjoyable and enthusiastic experience to see Kaž and surroundings when gliding in the sky. Words remain short to tell such a beauty like Kaž. One must live and experience Kaž with its magnificent nights, days, nature, history and sea.

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