Located at the district of Küçük Çakıl at the Centrum of Kaş, our hotel is defined as a 1st class hotel in the municipal standards. Being just at the seaside, it is located at a most beautiful place of Kaş, only 3 minutes far from the centrum by walking. The hotel serves yearlong. In Kaş that serves tourism for many years by accommodating the domestic and foreign tourists from all around the world with its magnificent and unique green lands, historical and cultural assets, lovely whitewashed houses at the side of many large and small bays embraced by the crystalline blue water of the Mediterranean sea and the Taurus mountains, the Hotel Koza is proud of serving to our honorable guests since 1970.

Having continuously improved itself, and achieved being a family with its guests for many years, our boutique hotel tries to offer the best service with its vast experience and is proud of cheerful, friendly and smiling service just from the very beginning.

        The hotel is prepared to host and serve the valued guest with 20 rooms, swimming pool, air conditioning system, TV and phone services and restaurant ooen for 24 hours, just at the seaside with magnificent beaches. Balconies, WC and showers are available at every room. The hotel has made any possible arrangements to call a physician for any medical problems. ..